Friday, November 25, 2016

Its almost the end of 2016...guess who dropped in and now 2 years old!!

Apologies for not updating the blog for the longest time...but during that time...Another bundle of joy has joined the Little Monstarz Troupe!!!

Miss Lily Marissa!!!

And she is now 2 years old!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Chai : Journey to the East

Firstly apologies for being Ultra Lazy in updating this blog.

Well the month is february and its time for the chinese new year holidays again. If you are travelling by road, the ONLY destination to go during this time of year is the East cost of Malaysia. Travelling up north towards Penang or southbound towards Melaka and JB and you would surely be stuck in a horrendous traffic Jam.

Long before we had kids we went to cherating beach. Now with Hanna Jasmine and Reyza Khan being 3 and 5 years old each we thought we'd go for a road trip to Kuantan Pahang.

The road trip consisted of three famalies, ours, Naza's and Mawi's. (planned by the fathers and lead by Uncle Naza)

We started the trip with a convoy of three cars leaving by 7:30 AM. As expected the Jam started from the gombak highway all the way until Karak. after Karak it was smooth driving all the way to Kuantan. With some R&R stops in between, we reached The Swiss Garden Resort by around 1pm and was allowed to check-in straight into our rooms.

All in all it was a very nice retreat. Spent 3 days in Kuantan, Ate seafood, the kids had a blast playing snad castles, mandi laut, swimming in the pool. On the second day it rained the whole day so we went to the Kuantan shopping mall and caught a Lion dance show at the mall.


It was Hanna Jasmine's first time at the beach and although at first she didn't want to step on the sand, she was all ecstatic when Abah took her for a dip in the waves. Hanna couldn't contain herself and wanted to jump and go to the deep end of the beach. The waves were very strong and abah had to use all his strength to keep hanna's head above water when the big waves came in. Reyza had fun too but was big enough to handle some of the waves. Even so Abah made sure that Reyza was close or was holding on to Uncle Naza.

It was a good and much needed vacation for all the famalies. Next year perhaps we can go somewhere further :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Reyza khan's first day in Kindie

This year Reyza Khan will turn 5 and now its time to send Reyza to kindergarten. There were a mix bag of opinions on the right age to send your kid to kindergarten. Some say 4 can send and some say its too early and 6 would be fine. Abah didn't go to kindergarten until he was six. So five it is and so far afetr 2 months of kindergarten Reyza is adjusting fine.

Its funny how when asked about the names of all his friends in school the only names where girls names like Kay lee and Rania came up. And when Abah went to pick Reyza up from school Reyza said "bye bye Kay lee!!!" and then Kay came up to him, raised her arms and wanted a hug!! and so Reyza gave her a hug goodbye....Hmmm the boy is quite the casanova hehehe.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Splish Splash Splosh!!!!

Pictures says it all...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hanna first road trip to J.P.O.

Last weekend we all went on a family trip down to Johore Baharu. It was a an imprompt to trip but everyone went on the trip, Abah, Mama and me my brother of course, also Akee, Nanee, Auntie Ya and Nana...yaaayyy!!!
J.P.O. on a lovely Saturday Morning

Abah drove a big white car. It looked like a spaceship!!! it had everything inside, a TV, a mini fridge and even a personal DVD/game system (which Reyza hogged) at the back. Although Hanna Jasmine slept some of the time she was enjoying sitting in the MPV for her very first Road trip.

The white "Spaceship"

J.P.O. was the real deal, with all the brands that you would know about from leather goods, sports, accsessories and watches most of them are here and some of the prices are really way lower than the prices in KL.

Nanee, Auntie Yaa, Akee, abah and mama bought a bunch of of stuff like watches, bags and shoes. Even Kak Nana bought herself a brand new watch :)

Although there is not much stuff for the kids, I am sure that Hanna Jasmine would want to go there again in a couple of years time.

Thank you to all that made the trip possible. Thank you Nanee, Akee, Tiya!!! :)

 Abah... bila nak balik...


Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Reyza Khan!!!

Happy Birthday son...
today you are now 4 years old,
although you favourite number is two,
you will always be number one

Today is your birthday..
and you can have anything you want,
and go anywhere you wish
but knowthat you cant always have your way,
even if you cried all day.

Reyza khan is four years old today
always polite and never angered
all grown up and now a big brother
loved by everyone in every way

Reyza you have too many toys,
so abah bought you a watch instead,
alwyas remember what your Nanee often said...
"Cucu Nanee always a good boy!!!

Happy birthday Reyza Khan 16th April 2012!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nikmatnya French Fries Mc Donaldo!!!

Hanna Jasmine is now approaching 1 years and 5 months old. Until now she has not rejected any type of food yet. Its very easy to feed her. As long as someone goes " Mamam!!!" she'll come with her mouth wide open hehe :) She really enjoys food. Sometimes she can approach a person that she was initially afraid of only when they had some food to offer...she is very unlike her brother now who is quite the picky eater now.

Me and my Frech Fry :)